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If you’re in search for a reliable pest control provider that also specializes in bed bugs, you’ve come to the best place. Bed Bug Removal Specialists carries an expertise in treating pests, and has a team of educated, trained, and knowledgeable exterminators that treat a variety of species. Ants, earwigs, roaches, mice; the list goes on. If you have a pest issue, we’re here to solve it and help you protect against future issues as well.

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Common Indianapolis Pests

Our company has been dealing with a wide variety of insects here lately for homes in the Indianapolis area. Our exterminators have been busy and many residents are calling us about spiders, fleas, roaches, and ants.

With regards to mice, it’s common to try a DIY solution before contacting a trained specialist. However, sometimes just calling a professional first can save you time and money, even if you decide to try a DIY method. If you realize there are mice sooner rather than later then you might find success on your own.

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Pest Prevention Services

While you may have luck getting rid of the mice you were able to see or find, if you’re not doing anything to keep them from coming back then you should be prepared to do it all over again. The mice will keep coming inside if you’re not doing anything to prevent them from doing so. Sealing up entry points is something our Indianapolis exterminators can do when they come out to assess your rodent situation.

It’s a great way to prevent other pests too, not just mice. The smaller bugs and insects don’t require a lot of room, but mice don’t either. They can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. Other bugs will gain access through any crack or crevice they find on your home’s exterior or underneath.

Roach Treatment in Marion County, IN

Cockroaches may be one of the more difficult unwanted pests to manage. They adapt easily so they’re not too picky about the environment they decide to live in. They can become a health hazard if left to populate and infest a property. Both homes and businesses put everyone’s health at risk by delaying action against a roach problem.

They can carry and transmit up to 30 different diseases! They contaminate everything they touch and let’s face it, they’re just plain gross to look at. Dead or alive, nobody wants to look at cockroaches. Our exterminators can help you make them disappear with superior treatments and prevention plans.

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Bed Bug Removal Specialists to the Rescue!

Bed bugs are starting to become quite the popular pest in cities across Indiana, as well as all across the world. They can be a little more expensive to treat because it typically takes more than a single application to get results. They will spread quickly throughout a property if left untreated.

The overall condition of a property doesn’t affect them. They’ll hide in your bed and throughout your bedroom, feeding on you at night while you sleep. If you don’t treat them, they’ll start multiplying in numbers very quickly and become a larger (and more costly) problem to deal with. They begin infesting more than your mattress and bed frame. They start hiding behind your wall outlets, wall frames and fixtures, window trim, curtains, rug, and so on.

Never hesitate to deal with bed bugs should you discover them in your property. You can take measures to protect yourself now, before you have a problem, or later once you’ve experienced one. Catching them right away will help tremendously in getting complete relief.

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With Bed Bug Removal Specialists you do not need to be concerned with pests any longer. We can discuss how our treatments and processes work depending on the type of infestation. If you have any questions or concerns about our plans just ask when you call. Most of the time, we can provide an estimate over the phone but sometimes an inspection will be required.

We believe in providing professional and effective treatments and solutions for the many unwanted bugs invading your personal space here in Indianapolis. If you need an inspection done, just let us know. Call (317) 434-3140 right now and start taking control of your property from harmful and unwanted pests.

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