Millipede Control

Finding millipedes around your home? These are a common pest that our Indianapolis exterminators have dealt with on a regular basis. They’re not harmful pests by any means and you shouldn’t be alarmed if you start to see them inside. They simply lost their way and ended up inside your home.

More About Millipedes

The typical kind of millipede discovered in North America tend to be brown colored and range between two and a half to four cm long. These little arthropods feature two pair of legs per each section. They will lay offspring inside the ground and take 2 years to be full-grown. Their life span is just a few years.

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Millipede Extermination

It’s not at all unusual to find them both outside and inside your residence. In the house, they generally are found in damp spots and are typically found in home gardens and flowerbeds. You’re likely to see them outdoors if you have compost or plants close to your home’s exterior. They merely want damp dirt or a moistened environment. They dine on decaying particles of timber they stumble upon and dead leaves.

They begin migrating during the fall, coming from the environment they’ve enjoyed the last months. It is actually said that they start migrating to prepare for the winter season, although when you have substantial rainfall you will likely see them also, due to being flushed out of their dwellings. During this period it isn’t uncommon to find them inside your home.

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Millipede Prevention Tips

#1 – Seal Up Exterior Entry Points

Should they find their way in your house, they will commonly take up residence on the patio or porch. Unfortunately they don’t stay here. They will climb your house, searching for a way indoors; often a hidden fracture or crevice, or another hole they have stumbled upon. Because of this, you will want to make sure there aren’t any entry points on the exterior of your property. If your garage or another storage space is full of containers and other items, clean frequently to prevent them from taking up refuge underneath your items and/or furniture.

#2 – Eliminate Excessive Mulch or Compost

Get rid of any excessive mulch. Try to make sure a gap of at least six inches is between any foundation level flowerbeds and the wall of your home. This includes clearing away any mulch, grass, and old leaves right against the exterior walls.

#3 – Inspect Vents, Screens, Doors & Windows

Look at all of the screens on your doors, windows, and vents. It is important that crawl space and attic screens are in place and not damaged. The access door must shut snugly and completely. This allows no space for undesirable pests to enter; given that they are going to if they can.

#4 – Check & Replace Weather Stripping

Assess, remove, and replace (if required) your entry doors’ weather stripping. If you notice weather stripping that has become misplaced or has flaws of any kind, it needs to be fully replaced. Your basement entrances also need secure and safe weather stripping. When you see light beneath or around a door (or windows) it should be replaced.

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If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, give our millipede control specialists a call at (317) 434-3140 right away! We can come out and treat the little unwanted arthropods and provide assistance for future protection against them and other pests.

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