Silverfish Control

Noticing a lot of silverfish on your property lately? If you’ve ever seen them, you’re most likely aware where its name originates from; their appearance. These little pests are teardrop shaped and they can be brown or silver. They range from 12-19 millimeters long and feature three bristles at their backside.

Identifying A Silverfish Intrusion

When you discover them in your home, it will likely be in the kitchen, basement, or bathroom. They enjoy hiding around materials like paper and fabric. If you have storage areas in your property this is likely a place you’ll find silverfish hiding. If possible, clear out any clutter and try to store fabric and paper items in a plastic container or something similar.

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Recreation of Silverfish

Remarkably, these pests will do a particular dance prior to mating. The amount of eggs that the female can have after mating will depend upon the species.

Signs of an Infestation

You’ve most likely noticed them running across the floor in the bathroom or the counter in the kitchen area and didn’t think twice after eradicating it. It is not until you start seeing a lot of them, or their feces which appears like pepper, that you need to consider acting to help prevent an even worse problem. Most people don’t realize they are on their property since earwigs, spiders and centipedes feast on the silverfish. If these silverfish-eating insects are on your property, you may not notice an infestation right away.

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Protecting Your Home 

You will likely not see them during the day as they are nocturnal. In addition, they can move extremely quickly. These are very secretive pests so they usually go unnoticed for some time. These bugs do not necessarily become a danger or issue until they go untreated for a long time. If you begin noticing them in your home, routinely analyze your closets for any signs of damage already caused by the undesirable pests. They can live in just about any environment, but prefer damp locations when available. You can increase your security from their invasion by keeping a balanced humidity level within the home.

Our Treatment

If you don’t realize you have this problem until it’s too late, not to worry. Just phone us at (317) 434-3140 to schedule a treatment as soon as possible. Our experts can assess the issue and create a treatment plan specific to your needs. There are existing items that can be bought and used for DIY treatment methods, but they generally just kill those you see; not those that remain hidden, increasing in numbers over time.

Our Silverfish Solutions

Our strategy for attack is in all stages of life (eggs and adults) which helps us provide complete and full eradication. Call (317) 434-3140 and give us a brief description of your problem and our Indianapolis silverfish exterminators will further assist you, determining the best course of action.

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