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They are a pest that needs to be addressed immediately, regardless of who you call for help. We haven’t met many people who were successful in eliminating them on their own, and those that were, had success because they caught the issue right away. The problem was minor and because they treated them immediately, it didn’t become a big hassle.

At Bed Bug Removal Specialists, we’re focused on helping our customers find respite from these depressing, unwanted pests. The process can be very strenuous and detailed depending on the severity of their attack. It’s important, as an outstanding, local pest control provider, to stay updated on the latest procedures and treatments in the pest industry. You can rely on us to deliver exceptional services and results every time.

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Potential Places to Find Bed Bugs

They are becoming such a common pest these days, not only in Indianapolis, but across the globe. If you’re trying to figure out where you may have gotten them from, you might not have much success. This is because they’re starting to show up in many places and properties. The best way to ensure you never have an  issue is to regularly inspect your sleeping quarters.

Just some of the places bed bugs could be found include:

  • Lodging Properties
  • Airplanes
  • Used Furniture, Bedding, & Other Items
  • Movie Theaters
  • Health Clubs/Fitness Centers
  • Public Transit
  • Office Spaces
  • Dining Establishments

While it’s hard to always know just where the bugs came from, you can make sure you never have a problem by inspecting your space often. If you buy used furniture or items regularly, make sure you inspect the piece before bringing it inside your home or business. Frequent travelers are at a greater risk for bringing them home but a regular inspection will save you both time and money, should you ever discover these little unwanted pests.

Because they start spreading quickly, we urge people who have this pest to give us a call at the very first sign of a possible problem, even if you’ve only found one so far. We carry out a certain procedure and process to handle and treat them instantly.

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Our Bed Bug Inspections

An inspection is often required in order to effectively remedy the pests. An inspection allows us to determine just how serious the issue is, if it is a bed bug infestation, or if it is another bug that is biting you in your sleep.

Why schedule a professional bug inspection? These pests are so small and hard to see, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could easily miss them. Our technicians are professionally trained to thoroughly inspect your space and know exactly where to look.

Course of Action Confirmed

If bed bugs are determined to be the issue, your technician will then draft a plan to treat them, based on the findings. Your pest specialist is going to explain your options, recommending the best one while taking your own feedback into consideration.

If you have questions regarding your children or pets or anything else when having this treatments done, just let us know. We’ll gladly answer them and assure that you can have peace of mind when you choose us.

Effective Treatment Solutions

Once you’ve agreed upon the treatment method our technician suggests, they can schedule the treatments when it’s convenient for you. Many times we have to apply more than one application to treat them. If caught right away, you might only need one treatment, but this is something your technician will discuss prior to starting treatments.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to request that we perform maintenance on your property every now and then to make sure the bugs haven’t returned and to be aware of any other potential pest problems, should they appear.

More Details About These Bugs

They are little (4-5 mm long), have a flat, oval body, and are red-brown in color. Typically, they are brownish in color but if you find one that has just finished eating or shortly after, it’ll be more red in color due to the blood meal inside.

These little pests only require blood for meals and they don’t need a lot of it to survive. Surprisingly, at times, they can go up to a year without eating. They emerge at nighttime while you’re sleeping to feed on you.

They’ll hide:

  • In any crack or crevice inside the room
  • In the seams of your mattress and/or bedding
  • Behind electrical outlets and wall fixtures/decor
  • In your bedding, bed frame, and furniture

Female bed bugs can lay anywhere from 1 to 5 eggs in a given day and up to 500 eggs in their life. If they have access to an adequate food supply they can live as long as 300 days, if not, longer!

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Signs You Have Bed Bugs

There are definitely a variety of signs that would verify active bedbugs in your house. For instance, actually witnessing them would be one distinct sign of an issue. While they are tiny, adult ones resemble the dimensions of an apple seed so they are noticeable if you look closely.

An additional sign of bed bugs would be discovering their skin casings. Whenever the young mature into adults, they will lose their existing skin, leaving it where ever it may drop. This includes on a person’s bed, bedding, furniture, etc.

Additionally, they defecate just like most pests and commonly do so wherever they are trying to hide. So if they have decided to hide in the mattress seams, you’ll notice darkish blotches which are usually blood and/or fecal matter.

And lastly, waking up with several unfamiliar bites on your body is an indication that you have an infestation. However, it’s also important to know there have been situations in which these bites ended up being caused by an entirely different insect.

With that said, it’s hard to pin them as the culprit if the only sign is that you’re getting bit at night. We can help you determine if it’s in fact bed bugs that are biting you before you schedule treatments of any kind.

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If you’re wanting to be free of an infestation, you should contact our quality team here at Bed Bug Removal Specialists. We will go over the process and answer any questions you may have, but first and foremost, we will schedule an inspection if you are not 100% positive what insect may be triggering the issue. Simply call us at (317) 434-3140 to learn more about our superior solutions!

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