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You may not be sure what an earwig is and you are not the only one. We have had many Indianapolis residents send us photos of a bug they found but couldn’t identify that turned out to be an earwig. Bed Bug Removal Specialists can help you get rid of these pests inside your residential or commercial property.

They will easily get inside your home or business, which will likely leave you needing a professional for help getting complete relief. If you have found an earwig, give our exterminators a call now to learn more about how our treatments work. 

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How to Identify Earwigs

The pincers are normally what make folks take a step back when they first see an earwig. These pincers often lead people to think they are painful or harmful pests to encounter. These little pincers are actually for defense against each other as well as other pests.

They range from 5-25 mm in length. They are slender and feature 2 pairs of wings. Some of their species release an odorous fluid as a defense reaction. These individual pests will look the same, regardless of how old they are; young or adult. How do you tell the difference? The young do not have wings.

What Do They Eat?

They are mostly omnivores, which means they consume pests and plants. They do not usually come out during the day and like to stay in wet areas, only emerging at night. When winter season is upon us, these pests will go underground and emerge again when spring comes around. While underground, the females will lay eggs. The female is responsible for taking care of her offspring until they hatch. She then continues protecting them until they can seek out food on their own.

You’ll likely see them in your outdoor light traps because they’re drawn to lights and could be the bothersome bug you’ve encountered flying around your porch while attempting to enjoy a night out on your deck. Come morning, they can be discovered under any cushions on your outdoor chairs. If they have made their way inside your property, they’re just looking for food or shelter if the weather is undesirable outside.

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Indications You Have an Earwig Infestation

If you discover them inside your home, they’ll likely be in areas where water is common; utility room, restroom, and kitchen areas. That’s not to say you won’t see them in other spaces inside your home. Nevertheless, be aware that they can be found in just about any area of a property.

Our Solutions

To manage an infestation, it’s crucial to eliminate any concealing foliage and other debris on your property. Otherwise, the  treatments will likely not be very successful. Fortunately, there are methods for managing them on your property.

  • Get rid of any firewood stacks, logs, timber and other ornamental products that are near your home’s foundation.
  • Analyze the exterior of your house, removing any dead leaves, organic matter, and/or mulch.
  • Keep your landscape groomed, getting rid of hiding areas by trimming trees and bushes that are close to or touching the home’s exterior.
  • Inspect your gutter system, including the downspouts, to ensure that it’s working properly.
  • Cut any nearby bushes and trees that provide a shaded, moist location for them to hide.
  • Think about placing outdoor lights out on your lawn, shining onto the house so the bugs won’t be on your front porch, rather away from the home and out on the lawn, close to the lights. Otherwise, you could try using yellow bulbs instead of white to minimize the attractiveness to bugs.
  • All outside screens should be without damage and secured so inspect these regularly.

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