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If you have a hornet infestation in your home, please let our professionals handle it safely and efficiently.

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They are a painful insect to endure and we encourage you to call a professional if you believe a serious problem is taking place on your property. They should not be dealt with lightly and our Indianapolis hornet removal experts know how to safely and effectively handle them.

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European Hornet

There are around twenty species on the earth. The sole species within the U.S. is the European (Vespa crabro) Hornet. This species came to the U.S. from Europe and has learned how to adapt to many North America areas. You’ll be able to recognize them by looking at the coloration and length; brown and yellow, 1 1/2 inches long. It’s definitely not a pest you should try to mange on your own. Especially if you’re allergic to stinging insects.

Bald-Faced Hornet

Yet another well-known pest you’ve most likely read about, the ‘bald-faced’, is not actually an authentic hornet. This unwelcome pest is typically one inch long and black and white in color. The tendencies and methods of both European species along with the bald-faced are quite a lot like yellow jackets, that are actually wasps. In spite of this, noticing the particular size is the best way to differentiate them. They are typically larger than yellow jackets.

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Safe Hornet Nest Removal in Indianapolis

Should you come upon an aerial nest that’s spherical and as big as a basketball (regularly detected in trees) you may have discovered a bald-faced hornet nest. If you notice a nest within a hollow tree, inside of a wall, attic, or around the deck, it’s likely a European hornet nest. These types of nests quite often mimic ‘paper’ but they are built from their saliva blended with the wood they obtained to construct the nest. It’s not uncommon to observe them collecting wood from an unpainted building, wood fencing, or even an old log.

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While they are known for their ability to inflict an agonizing sting, they’re very helpful predators and help to control various insects that might otherwise end up being unwanted pests. They are social, therefore it’s not likely you will notice individuals, but instead will come across a group at any given time. They can be rather protective regarding their nests so it is essential that you don’t approach one should you find one. While bald-faced types are not as aggressive as yellow jackets, they will rapidly and forcefully protect their nest when sensing any threat.

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