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Looking for a professional tick exterminator in Indianapolis? Bed Bug Removal Specialists can help you get control of this problem on your property and help with preventing future issues.

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If you have pets you could be at higher risk for this problem inside your home. With or without pets you may also find them in your yard. Regardless of where they came from, our exterminators can help you get rid of them.

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Effective Tick Control Solutions

Depending on the type, they can be various shades and belong in the Family lxodidae. They usually aren’t very big in size with the mature one being around 1 centimeter long (smaller than a sunflower seed) and the larvae could be under 1 mm in length. The most popular types of them in Indianapolis and surrounding regions are:

  • The deer (blacklegged type)
  • American dog type

The location of your property will also determine your risk for this problem. It’s more common to find them infesting your yard or outdoor buildings if you live next to heavy wooded areas or substantially vegetated areas. Certain types of ticks need a specific amount of moisture content to survive, as well as blood for nutrition; from wildlife or humans.

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Tick Life Cycle

They experience a four-stage life cycle – (1) egg, (2) larvae, (3) nymph and (4) adult. During the larvae stage they have six legs and throughout their last 2 stages they have 8 legs. Regardless of the life-cycle stage, they have to have blood to thrive. They have a number of disease-causing pathogenic agents and organisms that can be transferred to the host.

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If you’re not sure if your home or lawn is infested but have found one (or have been finding them), it’s always best to take action. If you have a cat or dog that has ticks, there are likely more in your home but can also be in the yard. Their bites aren’t fun and while the majority of people won’t have any side effects, if you’re concerned after getting bit, schedule a visit with your doctor.

Phone us now at (317) 434-3140 if you happen to be spotting them inside or outside the home and learn more about our treatment options when you talk to one of our tick control specialists.

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