Stink Bug Control

Are you experiencing a problem with stink bugs? We have been taking more calls lately in regards to these particular pests compared to recent years. Our technicians can come out and treat your property and recommend tips for preventing them from coming inside your home.

Think You Have a Stink Bug Invasion?

You will know if you have this problem as soon as you start noticing them everywhere come fall. They generally hang out on the exterior of a home due to the fact that the sunlight makes it warmer. Should you see them in your yard, be assured that there’s likely many more nearby that you have yet to see.

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Stink Bugs in Indianapolis, Indiana

They belong to the order of Hemiptera. They have mouths (that pierce and suck) and straight antennae. Identifying them is easy due to their distinctive shape. It resembles the shape of a shield. Many of them choose plants to eat and will be a brown or green color.

The marmorated stink bug has a distinct brown color and shield-like physique varying from 12 to 17 millimeters in length. This species will have light colored bands on the antennae and darker bands on the front wings.

A female can deliver 20 to 30 young in the course of one season. It only requires four to five days for the young to hatch out and the nymphs will need food right away. By autumn, they will become adults after going through many molts.

They delight in consuming fruits and vegetables, such as peaches, soybeans, and tomatoes. If you have a garden, you’ll likely discover destruction of your bounty if an invasion occurs. It utilizes its mouth to stab food so that it can consume the meal.

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Best Stink Bug Removal In Indianapolis

Using preventive methods before you actually have a problem is recommended, but not always an ideal choice for everybody. Keeping them out is accomplished about the same way as trying to keep any small bug out.

  • Inspect your windows and doors for any fractures or access points
  • Inspect the screens on windows and vents for gaps or damages
  • Guarantee weather strip protection is set up all around windows and doors.
  • The attic and crawl space air vents need to also be screened to halt pest entry.

It’s really simple to protect your property from stink bugs and avoid a problem indoors. They don’t need food in winter and will not reproduce during this time either. You may see them inside during the winter if your home is warm and it’s an abnormally warm winter season day. Otherwise, you will not see them until spring arrives and it begins to heat up outdoors.

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If you’re sick of fighting them on your property or place of business, give our experts a telephone call at (317) 434-3140 right away! We will provide more information on our treatment process and address any concerns you may have. Even if you do not have a concern, we encourage you to call and see about our preventative/routine maintenance pest strategies.

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