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They are a common and complicated pest to treat when they’ve infested a property. Call our experts for help.

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Think you might have them in your home? Many people realize they may have mice in their house when they hear small, fast feet in the attic or the wall. Or they discover items in the home that have been damaged due to chewing and gnawing. This could be parts of your walls, trim, floors, etc. or even valuables and furnishings. They can be a frustrating rodent to eliminate and will sometimes require the help of a professional.

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Our experts stay up to date on the most recent techniques for effectively controlling these unwanted rodents. These warm-blooded pests are commonly an issue just about everywhere in the world, not just Indianapolis.

Their front teeth are excessively large to accommodate gnawing and their cheek teeth are for chewing, just like ours are. They will nest and start a home of their own really quickly so it is vital that you act right away if you suspect they have invaded your home.

They can gain entry into your property by means of any small opening. They can squeeze through really little entry points so any opening needs to be sealed, no matter how big or small. Our experts can find and seal these entry points for you, helping you prevent invasions of other pests too, not just mice.

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Effective Rodent Treatments

They come into your personal space to find reliable access to shelter, water, and food so that they can build a home. It just so happens that your home is an ideal environment for them to do this. Then they start breeding, slowly taking over your property.

Once they have an established presence on your property nothing is safe from becoming damaged by their gnawing obsession; documents, books, cords, and so on. Unfortunately, they can also carry and transmit disease and bacteria, infecting any surface area or item they touch.

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If you have only seen one so far you could very well have caught the problem early on, which is really helpful in getting rid of them. However, there is a chance that more are hiding elsewhere in your home, even if you haven’t seen them yet.

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