Rat Control

Are you hearing noise at night while you’re trying to sleep? Have you discovered what appears to be rodent feces in your home or maybe near your property? If you suspect you have them on your property, it’s time to call our exterminators. These very common pests can be very hard to deal with but they’re no match for our Indianapolis rodent professionals.

Complete Rat Prevention

You will discover them all across the world, not just in Indianapolis. Their front teeth are excessively huge to accommodate gnawing and their cheek teeth for chewing – just like people! It doesn’t take long for them to breed and infest an area so if you do think you have this problem, take immediate action.

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Rat Entry Points

They require the smallest of openings to gain entry inside your property or any structure. That tiny hole you noticed but didn’t think twice about on the outside of your home, it can allow them inside. Even the tiniest of cracks and crevices can allow entry for other pests too, so it’s critical to inspect and repair any kind of openings you may find, regardless of the size.

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Understanding Rat Behavior

When you have rats invading your personal property, it’s because they simply want to find a place for their own home, regardless of the location they choose; under the porch, in wall gaps, attics, etc. They are also leery of their environment when new things are introduced. Unfortunately, it requires more than traps to effectively eliminate this problem.

They are also unhealthy pests to have. They’re capable of carrying and transmitting a range of diseases so when they are scurrying across your property, on your floors, counter tops, practically everywhere, they are likely leaving a variety of unhealthy bacteria. In addition, they can also bring in other aggravating insects like ticks, mites, and fleas, triggering yet another issue for you to tend to.

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