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Ants are a common and hard to treat pest when they’ve infested a property. Call our Indianapolis exterminator experts for help.

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Observing a lot of ants around outside your home or even inside? It might be time to hire a professional for the relief you prefer, year-round. We have some of the best professionals in the industry, fighting the many unwanted pests for residents throughout Indianapolis, Indiana for many years. If you need help getting control or preventing ants, give us a call.

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Managing Ant Problems in Indiana

Managing ants can be rather difficult, which you are probably already aware of if this isn’t your first time encountering an ant infestation. While they aren’t necessarily ‘complex’ insects, dealing with an invasion of them can be overwhelming. These tiny little pests can invade any structure but our Indianapolis ant exterminators have you covered.

How They Get Inside

Lots of people are pretty unlucky in terms of figuring out where the ants are coming inside. There are so many places this could be. The tiniest of openings allow them access inside your home. Sugar ants will seek out food, specifically sugary or oily foods. For that reason, they commonly wind up in the cooking area or other areas where food is prepared or saved. Killing those you see is fine, but it won’t get rid of the others in the colony. 

Understanding Their Trails

You are most likely aware that they leave and follow scent trails, which is an unnoticeable chemical that they leave when trekking across a surface area. As soon as they locate a source of food they will make their way back and others can find their way to the supply of food by following this trail.

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Colonies and Nests

They can develop a nest practically anywhere throughout a property and most likely where you won’t be able to easily find them.

Their nests are typically large; we are talking around 300,000 to 500,000 in a colony. If they suspect danger they will rather swiftly, and effortlessly, relocate. The workers can live as long as seven years while queens can survive up to 15 years. This is just one of the many reasons you don’t want to delay treating this problem.

Superior Ant Treatments

If you already have them invading your space you have probably already tried, or are trying, an over-the-counter product. You might also have taken a more ‘natural’ approach to fighting the undesirable insects. Unfortunately, these do not always work, killing simply the ones you are seeing and not targeting the many still hidden nearby. Additionally, some products only work on specific species of ants, so using the incorrect treatment will likely not achieve the outcome you expected.

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The earlier you take action against intruding, unwanted ants, the faster you can enjoy a pest-free property. Call our technicians at (317) 434-3140 today to discover how we can help!

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